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Our Mission

Deliver high-end performance speaker embedding technology, to embrace customer with our innovative products & customized services to make their live vivid, entertainable and enjoyable. We aim to adopt the technology and become the leading Smart Speaker Producer under the world smart city trend towards the Society 5.0.

Customers’ Pain Points

  • HI-END audio speaker sets occupy too much space
  • Design and dimension of the furniture not matching home layout, color and style
  • Messy cables and wires behind your TV
  • Need several speakers to connect individual device


Our Solution

We can solve these pain points.  Our Acoustics TV & Coffee Table Set embeds HIGH-END speakers and an amplifier.  Besides, it can be harnessed to multiple devices, including TV, smartphone, gaming console, and more …

Our customizable furniture ensures our clients can fit the products into every single corner in their home to best use their home layout, which maximizes the flexibility in their home space.

The stylish all-in-one product saves your living spaces, makes your room neat and tidy, coming with HI-END audio performance, and lets your life vivid, entertainable, and enjoyable!

About Us

We are a tech startup in Hong Kong initiated by HKU postgraduates, specialized in research and development of Acoustics Speaker-embedded products. We customize products to address the increasing demand for smart living and home entertainment for tech-savvy consumers.

Contact Us

iDendron, Pao Siu Loong Building
The University of Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 5596-4261

Our Team

CK Wan

CK Wan

Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer


Shimodaira Yasuhiro

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing & Operations

Invisible Audio Team

Joanne Ng

Co-Founder & Chief Financial & Admin Officer

Invisible Audio Team

Fred Chan

Co-Founder & Head of Technical Development

Mr. Henry Cheung

Henry Cheung

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Invisible Audio Team

Patrick Lee

Founder & CEO

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